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First Steps Spring Catalog

Hi All, Publishing a book is just plain hard work. Writing the story is only the first step of the journey. In order to have a quality finished product, it takes many hands and eyes!! I’m always amazed at how many times my team of editors can read a story and still we miss edits. […]

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Release of the Tree of Life: A Medical Thriller

  Hi All, I thought this day would never come…the release of The Tree of Life. Watch the YouTube video and get a glimpse into the story behind the story. Blessings to you all…Tim

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Interview with Firststeps Publishing

Hi Tim, I understand you are about to release The Tree of Life. This is the second book in your series?  Hey, Suz, thank you for having me. Yes, the first in the series is, Maya Hope, a medical thriller that is set in Guatemala and North Korea. My readers are introduced to Dr. Nicklaus […]

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The Tree of Life Release Date

I am so excited that I can officially announce the release of The Tree of Life for April 22nd. Thank you for taking this journey with me into ancient Mesopotamia. Our collective history grounds us in this region—full of mystery, intrigue and yes—conflict. If we could hear the cries of the people that have fought […]

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Sad News

I’m wearing a t-shirt today that says: Life is not Easy. Life is not Perfect. Life is Good. How true that is for us today. We lost our wonderful dog, Bear to a twisted gut. Never saw this coming today. But this is life, yes? Didn’t I just write in my last blog: “We are […]

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