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I’ve had a ton of questions and I’m sure you have as well. I’m writing biweekly (possibly more) on aspects of this pandemic that you might not see elsewhere. Topics that range from the science of a pandemic, keeping your health, and to the actualities of this new reality—bringing in the medical, spiritual, and emotional […]

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Okay…I promised yesterday that my posts would not be all doom and gloom. But this morning I woke with a great sense of responsibility to share the truth of how serious the crisis is. I’m writing this post for myself as much as all those around me I care about, like you! I need a […]

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Symptoms and What To Do

Symptoms Have you felt off, taken your temperature a few times a day, washed your hands for the billionth time, and literally sensed the SARS-CoV-2 virus, this mutant invader, slowly crawling down your throat? Then, yes, you probably have what I have. I’m a self-professed, non-recovered hypochondriac and germophobe! Lord help us during this COVID-19 crisis. […]

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