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Maya Hope

Available September 15, 2017

ISBN: 978-1947545007


Series: A Nicklaus Hart Novel, Book #1

Page Count: 386

Maya Hope invites you into the modern operating rooms of a trauma center, to the sweltering jungles of Guatemala, and the unpredictable tyranny of North Korea.

Dr. Nicklaus Hart, a gifted trauma surgeon, searches for meaning in his life. His self-reliant spirit is broken with the death of his missionary best friend, found sacrificed at the base of a Maya temple. Going to Guatemala to fill the shoes of his friend at the Mission Hospital, he discovers God’s redemption and peace in the smiles of the children he cares for. But his own life is in danger as he and his team stumble onto a deadly North Korean plot.

As Nick delves into the mystery of his friend’s death, he exposes the very cause of the extermination of the Maya race…a virus which is about to be released upon the entire world through a bioterrorist scheme of global proportions.

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    Reviews & Endorsements

  • A cleverly woven tale of intrigue, science and redemption. Maya Hope is both interesting and captivating.Sydney M.Amazon Reviewer
  • Excellent writing, gripping story, superb emotional relay... Dr. Browne has obviously written from his personal expertise and history.Dave P.Amazon Reviewer
  • This book was a page-turner from the start! SarahAmazon Reviewer

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