The Gene

Available July 12, 2020

ISBN: 9781947545175

ASIN: B0892S6W9W

Series: A Nicklaus Hart Novel, Book #4

Page Count: 475

We are the dwelling place of God—it is woven into our very DNA. Do we change the core of who we are by manipulating our genes? Is gene-therapy a miraculous cure or a slippery slope into eugenics?

Following their marriage, Dr. Nicklaus Hart and Maggie Russell enjoy the splendor and passion of a honeymoon in Hawaii. They learn that their union has brought new life, but the overflowing joy of Maggie’s pregnancy and their romantic getaway is interrupted by the shocking news of a genetic disorder discovered in Maggie’s family lineage. The devastating possibility that both Maggie and the baby carry the mutated gene for the horrific Huntington’s disease, shakes their faith.

Faced with this dreadful diagnosis, Nick and Maggie seek peace as they wrestle with the heartbreaking discovery of a genetic disease versus the knowledge that God is good—He has made their baby in His image and knit him together in Maggie’s womb. Like the millions of people around the world affected with genetic disorders, Nick and Maggie look for answers. With the belief that people are the dwelling place of God, and He is woven into the DNA, what should they do when that DNA has been corrupted?

Nick and Maggie travel to Poland, where the top geneticist, Emmanuelle Christianson, has founded and operates BioGenics whose mission statement is: Advancing the Human Genome. They understand that medical advances always cost something, but they face impossible decisions. They are unaware that the sinister side of genetic research has slithered in from the horrors of Nazi death camps into this modern-day technology. Their journey reveals more than the fight for knowledge, it uncovers a simmering evil left over from World War II. One that puts their lives in danger.

The Gene is the fourth book in a series of skillfully crafted medical thrillers. If you like fast-paced adventure, international settings, sizzling medical suspense, then you’ll love this heart-pounding thriller by Timothy Browne.

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    Reviews & Endorsements

  • “The Gene is a masterful, thought-provoking blend of cutting-edge genetics, gut-wrenching history, and inspiring faith wrapped inside a smart thriller that will keep you turning the pages long past your bedtime.” Jenifer RuffUSA Today Best Selling Author
  • “Genetic modification research is a relevant, current issue that raises serious ethical concerns, and Dr. Tim Browne deals with it in The Gene in an intriguing and fascinating way bringing insights into the story through his wealth of medical knowledge. What makes his thrillers stand out, though, is the very real way that his characters struggle with their humanity while wrestling with a crisis of faith, yet through their pain find peace and acceptance of God’s grace which enables them to live life to the fullest. This speaks to us in a very personal way and makes this novel a thought-provoking read.”Rev. Duane & Joan HuiePastors, Livingston Montana
  • “The Gene is a must-read for any medical thrill fan—packed with suspense and full of fascinating current genetic medical science and in-depth historical research that is sure to make the New York Best Seller list.”William J Brown, MDBrown Integrative Wellness
  • “Beginning with the Nazi’s monstrous human experimentation during WW2, Timothy Browne shapes historical fact into contemporary fiction. Grounded in genetic research, The Gene is a disturbingly believable yet irresistible page-turner. Expect to hold your breath as Dr. Nicklaus Hart must try to keep an evil history from repeating itself.” Karen Sargentauthor Waiting for Butterflies, 2017 IAN Book of the Year
  • “The Gene, another masterful medical thriller by Timothy Browne, MD, explores the dangers of genetic science and the oh-so human motives of those who fund it. This compelling page-turner is full of twists, turns, and ethical dilemmas that keep the reader guessing. Advances in genetics, like many other fields of science, can be used for good or evil. The Gene will haunt you. I read it non-stop.” Joni M. Fisherauthor of the Compass Crimes
  • “Scientist and physician Tim Browne has brought us a complex story of the atrocities of World War II that includes details of unspeakable medical experiments, the science of eugenics, and nightmares of Nazi Germany. He has raised our awareness of issues that surround genetic mutation. Most of all, Dr. Browne has introduced us to the good and questionable elements of gene therapy, possibly one of the most powerful and potential slippery, controversial slopes in modern medicine. Should we mess with someone’s DNA? Should we change who we were born to be? Decide for yourself in this masterful story of controversy and hope that stresses our faith, values, and ethical limits of right and wrong.” Judith Lucci, PhDUSA Today and WSJ Best selling author

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