The Tree of Life

April 22, 2018

ISBN: 978-1947545052


Series: A Nicklaus Hart Novel, Book #2

Page Count: 493

Dr. Nicklaus Hart has lost his moral compass. As an orthopedic surgeon in a busy trauma practice, the cares of the world overshadow what Nick knows is true about himself. With his life unraveling, he falls into his old patterns of stress relief but knows they are a poisonous cure.

Nick is shaken from his moral slumber when a massive earthquake strikes Eastern Turkey, and he makes the snap decision to respond. Thrown into the chaos and devastation, Nick must face his internal struggle head-on.

When he cares for a man and woman from Russia, Nick is cast into a mystery as old as time. He learns the Russians are searching for the original tree of life. Intrigued, Nick and his friends accompany the agents to a town in Southeastern Turkey. A region where ISIS has infiltrated and is positioning to reestablish the caliphate. The team falls into the hands of the terrorist cell. Threatened with his life, Nick must choose between his life and his faith, and he discovers the true meaning of the tree of life.

    Reviews & Endorsements

  • A captivating story—interwoven with history and thought provoking current issues, all told under the backdrop of a massive natural disaster that unfolds as an entertaining page-turner with a message of hope and redemption.Don StephensFounder of Mercy Ships
  • Tree of Life is a riveting, courageous, inspiring, global, and fascinating medical thriller. Diana Weinbergerauthor of When Mountains Don’t Move
  • The Tree of Life is amazing. I was in tears and crossing my arms over my heart in the final chapters. I really loved it and couldn’t put it down.Amazon Reader
  • In the midst of such drama and violence, the beauty of emerging faith and deepening relationships brought enrichment to the whole. Deyon StephensCo-Founder of Mercy Ships
  • The most important truth revealed in this authentic and vivid story is even in the face of brutal hate, we are called to love. Karen Sargentauthor of Waiting for Butterflies, 2017 IAN Book of the Year
  • The Tree of Life reads like the headlines of today’s news, while incorporating the ancient history of a long-troubled region of our world. Jack MintonCo-Founder of Hope Force International
  • This nail-biting thriller, set in the cradle of civilization, accelerates from a natural disaster to the breath-taking finish. Joni M. FisherAuthor of the Compass Crimes Series
  • From page one to the last, The Tree of Life keeps the reader in its grip as the ongoing story of Dr. Nicklaus Hart continues to unfold. Cherie MintonCo-Founder of Hope Force International
  • There is so much to inspire between the covers of this book.Frank CummingsPastor-Life for the Nations Church
  • Browne admirably avoids the pitfalls of facile caricature, and seeks an empathetic comprehension of even the least attractive characters, resulting in an impressive moral study.Kirkus

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