The Rusted Scapel

September 16th 2018

ISBN: 978-1947545090


Series: A Nicklaus Hart Novel, Book #3

Page Count: 372

Dr. Nicklaus Hart returns from responding to a massive earthquake that rocked the Middle East, allowing an ISIS terror cell to enter the ancient area of Mesopotamia. Captured, tortured and blinded by the hands of the radical terrorists, Nick arrives home a broken man. He has lost everything he holds dear—his sight, independence, profession and most of all, hope. But at the bottom of the pit, God sends him a lifeline and restores his physical and spiritual vision.

Faced with reinventing himself, a pharmaceutical company in Singapore offers Nick a position on the dark side of medicine. The drug company’s slogan, Better Living Through Science, is actuated as it develops medications that manipulate the brain chemicals, but at a significant cost to the patient. Nick exposes the dangers of the drug in the jungles of Borneo amongst orangutans and the original headhunters—the ancient Iban tribe.

But Nick continues to dream, hope against hope—even when the outlook doesn’t warrant it—not looking for it in the lesser comforts of life or a medicine bottle, but by abiding in the truth, where he finds the greatest hope of all…love.

    Reviews & Endorsements

  • Magnificent stories, skillfully crafted...Don StephensFounder of Mercy Ships
  • Dr. Browne intelligently weaves his own experiences into the story, with his precise descriptions of both humanitarian work and medical science vivid sources of narrative authenticity.Kirkus
  • What could be better than a medical thrillers written by a physician? Not since COMA by Robin Cook, and The Andromeda Strain by Michael Chrichton, have I been this excited about medical thrillers. Joni FisherAuthor
  • Dr. Tim transported me to the mission field through the eyes of compassion.Frank CummingsSenior Pastor of Life for the Nations
  • Dr. Timothy Browne draws from extensive international experience as an orthopedic surgeon to write a story filled with intrigue and authenticity.Jack MintonCo-Founder and President of Hope Force International
  • When I open a Timothy Browne novel, I expect a compelling storyline driven by relentless suspense that will transport me to a new world where evil is exposed and hope endures. Chapter by chapter, The Rusted Scalpel exceeded my expectations again...and again...and again. My favorite book in the series so far, Dr. Nicklaus Hart is at his best--and so is Timothy Browne.Karen Sargentauthor of Waiting for Butterflies, 2017 IAN Book of the Year
  • Fantastic…a story woven with intrigue, suspense and romance. Browne gives us full-throttle exploration into the human brain, big pharma, and the ancient rainforest of the headhunting Iban. I loved every minute of this riveting adventure.Don StephensFounder of Mercy Ships
  • This is the finest story in the Nicklaus Hart series of medical thrillers. Dr. Tim has the background as an orthopedic surgeon and as a medical missionary to write vivid thrillers set in the remote and forbidding ends of the earth. This taut, suspenseful medical thriller draws the reader from Montana to exotic Singapore, to India, and to the remote areas of Borneo once known as the land of the headhunters. The memorable characters drive the story from one man’s struggle into the broader human battle between good and evil. Goodness and seductive evil reveal themselves slowly from the gray areas, one decision at a time, to the breath-taking conclusion.Joni Fisherauthor of the Compass Crimes Series
  • Browne’s trilogy offers a fast paced, roller coaster ride with plenty of romantic soul-searching along the way. The author has lived his novels and skillfully mixes internal and external struggles, mystical aspects of faith v. reality, international political intrigues, and current issues such as the collapse of modern medical practice under the heavy influence of the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, he offers details most novelists would miss – details that enrich the dangers and near-death encounters the characters experience and offer glimpses into the masculine mind surrendering to love.Julia Lorenauthor of the Shifting Shadow of Spiritual Experiences Series
  • Easily the best of the Dr. Hart thrillers, "The Rusted Scalpel" can be read as a stand-alone book without having read the first two books. If you're familiar with IQ and EQ, I would add a third component...SQ (spiritual quotient). I literally felt myself growing significantly in all three areas while reading. My IQ was challenged as I learned about the human brain and how it operates and can be manipulated for good or evil designs. My IQ also grew from learning about cultures outside of my own. My EQ was fascinated as I tried to anticipate the consequences of various decisions being made by the key players such as Nick, Maggie, Wright, Robert, etc. and how they would play out. And finally, my SQ was stretched as I realized in a greater way that no matter how much IQ or EQ any person has, without being rightly attuned to God and connected to Him, we will never discover our true north. Read this book and you will grow in IQ, EQ and SQ and be grateful for having taken the time for personal growth while being entertained and challenged along the journey!Glenn PriceYWAM Missionary
  • Browne’s best work yet! I work as an integrative physician where we deal with both acute and chronic neuro-psychological issues. Dr. Browne's latest book delves into complex neurotransmitter chemistry in a way that is both intriguing and factual. The storyline is woven through threads of deception, romance, murder, and emergency surgery. Anyone who loves medical thrillers will want to read The Rusted Scalpel.— William J Brown, MDBrown Integrative Wellness

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